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August 2012

The development of a gambling problem

Gambling usually begins as an innocent pleasure, and sadly for some leads to addictive gambling which has disastrous consequences for the problem gambler and his/her family. Although gambling does not produce the cognitive or physical impairment associated with alcohol or drug abuse, an obsession with gambling can be just as devastating.  Problem gambling can destroy social, …
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American Psychological Association promotes Psychological work for Obesity

‘Obesity is one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most troubling health problems. Unless you act to address the emotions behind why you overeat, you could be facing long-term problems.’ http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/obesity.aspx This article highlights the importance of Psychological interventions for Obesity, stating that most Obese cases have underlying unresolved emotional issues which are fueling their unhealthy …
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The obesity crisis in the west and food addiction

A recent BBC news article reported that the average person in Britain is now 19 kgs heavier than 50 years ago. Contrary to popular belief, we as a race have not become greedier or less active in recent years. But one thing that has changed is the food we eat, and, more specifically, the sheer …
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