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Addicted gamblers committing crimes to fund habits..

Stealing from loved ones to fund gambling habits? As immoral as it is, this is not an unusual story amongst those addicted to gambling.

The story (linked below) tells the story of Sarah from Liverpool who stole money from her own Father whom was battling Alzheimers in order to fund her continued gambling.  During court hearings she pleaded guilty to theft and ended up walking free, much to the outrage of others.  Whilst this act is clearly not excusable the growing problem of gambling addiction as well as other behavioural addictions and its dire consequences are frequently misunderstood. The lack of a substance being induced unfortunately not mean that problem gamblers are any less addicted than for example alcoholics or crack-addicts.  Sadly gambling addicts can sustain their behaviours for a long time since there are no specific signs visible to others that 'gives away' their addiction.  Problem gamblers also believe that more gambling is going to get them out of their circumstances- this is of course not the case.



Seeking treatment for problem gambling is a big step for most of those suffering but one that can save not only money, but also relationships, jobs and the mental health of the gambler.  It can also prevent crimes - and the emberassment and psychological pain often associated with illegal acts of problem gamblers.

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Article from Daily mail below: