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Where to begin when you lost all your money to gambling?

Working clinically with problem gamblers is extremely rewarding.  Not least when you see people move from the depths of addiction ‘rock bottom’, to a life that starts making sense again.  A life filled with gratitude for the normal stuff, that previously was unable to bring on a heartfelt sense of enjoyment. All due to having …
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Slow and Steady wins the race; the fable of truth in Gambling addiction recover

As many of you will know all too well- gambling is not an activity that fosters patience.  The more you gamble, the more you will feel the sense of desperation and urgency to win your losses back; and this prolonged chase is often one of the first sign of disordered gambling. Often time, and especially …
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One of the issues about behavioural addictions is that they are often taken less seriously than drug and alcohol addictions. Not least from a position of stigma – where behavioural addictions sometimes get equated to ‘a lack of willpower’ and ‘weak character’ etc, but I find that even the client him/herself is not always showing …
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MERRY-GO-ROUND OF MISERY A BLOG ARTICLE ABOUT BAD HABITS… There you are suddenly realising something that has been your escapism, your fantasy resort, your avoidance from reality and all of its hardship is needing to be amputated from your life. Maybe you knew intellectually for months or even years that this habit was breaking you …
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Happy new year!

Wishing you all a Happy new year! It has been a pleasure to follow so many clients on their recovery journey in 2016 and I look forward to continuing to support and guide more of you in 2017.   Annika

Gambling addiction & Suicide

Another story of a young high achieveing man whom sadly took his own life due to shame and mounting debts incurred by pathological gambling. For those who work with Problem gambling suicide attempts and thoughts of ending ones life are unfortunately not an uncommon theme. Gambling addiction tends to go hidden from loved ones until …
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