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Gambling addiction & Suicide

Another story of a young high achieveing man whom sadly took his own life due to shame and mounting debts incurred by pathological gambling. For those who work with Problem gambling suicide attempts and thoughts of ending ones life are unfortunately not an uncommon theme. Gambling addiction tends to go hidden from loved ones until it reaches desperate levels. The article talks about Joshua's 'double life' - something that is possible to conduct with gambling being an addiction that you cannot smell on the breath or read off of mannerisms or symptoms easily.  As the chasing of lost money continues, the preoccupation worsens and the gambler stops attending to things that really do matter in their lives such as family, work, hobbies or interests- all while the financial pressures continue to increase. The end result is an often hopeless gambler whom feels that they have let everything and everyone down. Seeking help for gambling addiction is a crucial step towards recovery as the isolation experienced by the gambler is often very high.

Free help can be obtained from the National Problem Gambling clinic http://www.cnwl.nhs.uk/cnwl-national-problem-gambling-clinic/

If you are in a position to pay for your treatment and wish to book an appointment please complete the contact form here


Read the full story of Joshua and his tragic death here 


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