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More women are facing gambling problems..

A recent article is exploring women's growing in involvement with gambling. Gambling has traditionally been thought of as a 'male' activity - typically including sports betting in the book makers and gambling in the casinos. In recent years gambling online has become an increasingly popular activity for women as well. Gambling can be a fun and initially harmless leisure activity and a can offer a powerful 'escape' from day to day stress.  The article highlights that more women are now becoming addicted to gambling.

Problem gambling is still a hidden problem, and it can often go unnoticed until the individual is suffering severe consequences as a result of the gambling. Women are reported to be seeking help to a much lesser extent than males with gambling problems.

If you are a female problem gambler it is important to know that you are not alone. Female gamblers tend to suffer from a lot of shame, guilt and fear of being judged if exposed.  The gambling is often further fuelled by negative emotions and relationship instability. These factors are sometimes the reason why an individual found gambling to be an attractive escape in the first place.

Problem gambling in the female population can be treated effectively with Cognitive Behaviour therapy.

At Behavioural Life and Health you can be seen privately in pleasant surroundings in central or north London.

Annika Lindberg has many years of experience working for the National Problem clinic in London. She offers individual consultations for problem gamblers. The number of sessions required will be depending on your individual case but is on average between 6-12 sessions. For clients who are unable to come frequently alternative arrangements can be made.


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