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Problem Gambling moves into new section of DSM-5…

A new updated version of DSM-5 (Diagnostic manual of mental Disorders) is being introduced this month and Problem gambling will be relocated from 'Impulse control disorders' into the new section of 'Behavioural addictions'which will appear in the broader chapter of substance-related and addictive disorders.

According to Dr Potenza, a leading gambling researcher from Yale university, the re-classification of problem gambling is largely because of major breakthroughs in our understanding of the commonalities in the factors (including neurobiological) that underlie addictions, whether substance-related or not. Research indicates that gambling and substance-related and addictive disorders share a common reward-system neurocircuitry and behavioral patterns.

Additionally some changes have taken place to the diagnostic criteria- for example Craving has been added to criteria, and recurrent legal difficulties has been eliminated.

It is thought that this new position in the DSM-5 might shed more light on Problem gambling as a 'true' addiction and hopefully lead to new developments within both research and treatment within the area of Problem Gambling.